Fields of Honor 2002 Battle Report

Sunday October 20th

The same scenario which was run on Saturday was run on Sunday as well.  Things ran very smoothly on Saturday with all participants having a good time so very little was changed.  The only modification to the initial setup was the start area of the caravan being moved up four inches or so - this had seemingly little effect on the battle as the events played out.

 The object of the game is to complete various objectives.  They are presented in secret to each team so that they do not know what the enemies' objectives are.  Here is the list of objectives.



Once again, the siege was not played until the last man fell due to time limitations.  The attackers were able to destroy two ballistas as well as disable over 40 of the defender's troops.  This leaves the attackers with 10 points.  The defenders succeeded in taking the blacksmith shop, the inn, and the church.  In addition, the defenders downed over 45 of the attacking forces giving them a whopping 13 points.   An excellent game was played by both teams with the tide shifting several times even through the last turn.  The defenders were more fortunate this day than they were the previous beating the attackers 13-10.

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