Fields of Honor 2002 Battle Report

Saturday October 19th

The siege has been fought for several months with the tide turning on a daily basis.  Both sides have taken heavy losses, but the attackers still outnumber the defenders 2 to 1.  A mighty trebuchet has recently been constructed by the attackers to assist them in breaking down the walls and reining terror upon those within the castle.  In addition, a siege tower has been built which virtually guarantees that the castle walls will be breached.  Fortunately for the defenders of the castle, help is in sight.  A supply caravan along with a regiment of troops can be seen from the castle towers as the reinforcements emerge from the forest.  Can the defenders hold out until reinforcements arrive or will the attackers breach the walls and stop the caravan dead in its tracks?

The object of the game is to complete various objectives.  They are presented in secret to each team so that they do not know what the enemies' objectives are.  Here is the list of objectives.

Each team was given a list of setup areas.  Here is the list of setup areas.



Due to limited time, the game was stopped before every man fell.  The attackers were able to destroy three ballista with the skillfully manned catapults and trebuchet.  In addition, the attackers were able to disable just over 25 of the defender's troops giving them a total of 8 points.  The defenders were nearly able to take the church, but did disable over 35 of the enemy troops giving them 7 points.  The battle ended with the attackers winning 8 to 7.

The exact same scenario was played on Sunday, October 20th - Click here to go to that battle report.

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