Iron Anvil Blacksmith

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The Iron Anvil is a Medieval blacksmith shop. This project was my first to benefit from HirstArts molds from which I cast the blocks for the ground floor and the forge. The second level and roof infrastructure is made from foam core board. Balsa wood makes up the floor of the second level as well as all of the timber detailing. Both the small anvil acting as a sign set on the support timber of the roof and the large blacksmith anvil I sculpted from Sculpey. Inside the barrel which the smith would use in the tempering process is "water" made from Woodland Scenics E-Z Water product. The barrel itself is a Die-Keen casting I made from a home-made mold which was created from an unknown brand master I picked up from a local train hobby shop. Near the forge is a bellows created from balsa wood, a wire (for the air tube), and some card stock to represent the air sack. All of the balsa wood was stained with Liquitex Dark Walnut wood stain and drybrushed with Country Tan Apple Barrel paint. The half-timber wall sections are painted with a mix of Antique White and a Country Tan with a drybrush of full strength Antique White. You can find the tutorial for making the thatched roof here.


Front view of the shop
Detail picture of the Blacksmith's work area
Second floor
First floor
Back view of the shop
Close up of the back door

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