The game starts in the middle of a siege between two warring parties somewhere in England in the late 14th century. The attackers have taken the church and are continuing their advance through the village as well as to the castle walls. The defender's goal is to retake the church as well as keep the castle in their possession. The attacker's goal is to either take the castle or take over all of the village buildings as well as the fortified tower.

Images Outcome

One of the main deciding contributors to the outcome of the battle was one of the defender's bolt throwers located in one of the rear towers of the castle. This machine was responsible for the death and/or disabling of well over a half dozen of the attacker's forces. Two separate crew men (one from another disabled war machine) manned the ballista throughout the course of the battle. The first fell victim to one of the attacker's archers. The second, whose reign was far shorter than his former companion, fell to the only surviving individual who is described below.

The attacker made his way inside the castle walls with his only remaining figure - a brave knight. After taking three of the four towers, the knight saw the defending forces fortifying the remaining tower. The battle ended with the attacker surrendering under honorable conditions. Both sides suffered horrific losses and it will take a considerable amount of time to heal all wounds...perhaps as long as eight months - just in time for Fields of Honor 2002!