Water Mill

This is my second structure fully integrated with a terrain piece.  Aside from the mill itself, this piece features the Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and Water Effects.  Realistic Water is a pourable 'liquid rubber' substance.  It has some odor, but the convenience of not having to mix different parts or have to heat the substance makes it nice to use.  The problems with the water shrinking was not nearly as evident in this section of the river as it was with the bridge section.  I think that the depth of the river is much more uniform than the bridge section which helped reduce that undesired effect.  The first story of the mill is cast from Hirst Arts molds (Dragon's Inn Mold #51) using Die Keen dental plaster.

Since the key to the mill is the wheel and grindstones, I thought I would do some research on the inner workings.  After performing several web searches, I ran across a web site called Pond Lily Mill Restorations (linked below) which contains a wealth of information.  The gearing mechanism for this mill is based of Ramelli's Mill in the 1500s.  My thanks goes out to Theodore R. Hazen for keeping up the wonderful site.  If interested in mills, I highly recommend visiting them.  

Finished Images

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Construction Images

Layer by layer block layout of the mill itself
Note that the final structure varies slightly from the initial design... Chronological Images

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