Lake Tower

This project was done as a Christmas gift for one of my brothers.   He asked some time ago about me making something for him to put on his desk at work and finally here it is.  

This is a little guard outpost stationed next to a lake.  The upper level of the tower is accessible by the stairs leading up through a trap door in the ceiling.  The structure itself is cast from Hirst Arts molds (Wizard's Tower #50, Dragon's Inn #51, and Prison Tower #60).  Most of the foliage as well as the water (Realistic Water plus Water Effects) is from Woodland Scenics.  The tree armature is sagebrush from Sweetwater Scenery. Both the cattails and lily pads are home made using the techniques from Gerry Leone at  

I'm looking forward to giving my brother this gift.  Hopefully he will enjoy it as well.

Finished Images

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